Rubber Resistance

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Rubber Resistance
 Whether you are a beginner athlete embarking on your fitness journey or an experienced weightlifter interested in maximizing your training, GetACTV offers a variety of rubber resistance training equipment like rubber resistance bands and rubber resistance tubes that you can incorporate into your fitness training.
 Resistance training equipment is perfect for targeted strength training whether used for home workouts or the gym. Rubber resistance bands and tubes can help you work specific muscles to strengthen your calves, glutes, thighs, hips, and upper body. You can also find rubber resistance products ideal for therapeutic exercises for support while recovering from an injury.
 Rubber resistance bands and tubes provide varying resistance levels, as the level you select will depend on the result you want to attain with your fitness routine. Rubber resistance bands with a lower resistance level are ideal for rehabilitation and beginner fitness enthusiasts, while bands with a higher resistance level provide a greater challenge to stronger or more experienced athletes for strength training.

GetACTV Rubber Resistance Products
 At GetACTV, we’re dedicated to ensuring you have access to quality fitness products from leading athletic brands. Shop resistance training equipment from SPRI, FILA, Gaiam, Stroops, and more. As your premier source for best sellers such as the SPRI Xertube and Superband, we encourage you to browse our resistance training collection.

Rubber Resistance Bands
 Rubber resistance bands are versatile resistance training equipment as they can be used for a number of athletic endeavors. From warming up before a competition, improving mobility for Pilates and yoga, rehabilitating after an injury, or providing additional resistance for strength training, rubber resistance bands are the perfect addition to anyone’s training routine. They include exercise bands, ankle straps, loop bands, and more. Whatever your athletic journey, make sure you have a quality rubber resistance band that will stay with you along the way.

Rubber Resistance Tubes
 Rubber resistance tubes have similar uses to rubber resistance bands, but their handles provide a firm grip that allows you to perform a range of additional movements and exercises. From bicep curls to shoulder presses, a quality resistance tube helps target specific muscle groups whether your goal is to gain strength, rehabilitate or prevent an injury, or improve your flexibility. GetACTV stocks an assortment of leading rubber resistance tubes to complement your active lifestyle.

    Why Use Rubber Resistance Products?
  • Rubber resistance bands provide greater muscle stimulus.
  • They offer the same muscle activity as weight-training with less chance of injury.
  • Adds an element of stabilization during your training.
  • They improve strength and flexibility.
  • These products are versatile, user-friendly, and can be used anywhere.

Shop Rubber Resistance Training Equipment at GetACTV
 GetACTV stocks innovative resistance training equipment to improve your workouts. Rubber resistance bands and tubes provide a great way to fit quality strength training into your training program. Explore the large selection of rubber resistance products at GetACTV.