A Mindful Cup of Coffee: Enjoying Life’s Simple Pleasures

Posted on July 28 2023

Author: Sarah Bourassa

When was the last time you actually enjoyed a cup of coffee? And I don’t mean sipping on one while you’re getting ready in the morning, stuck in traffic or rushing to a meeting at work. I mean, when was the last time you actually sat down and focused your full attention on savoring the taste of the coffee in front of you?

Luxuriating in the experience

During a six-week visit to Argentina, I grew accustomed to its café culture, where drinking coffee is an indulgent experience. Unlike in the United States, where coffee is often used as crutch to keep us going in our fast-paced world, drinking coffee in Argentina is usually a time of relaxation and enjoyment. People hang out at cafés for hours to take a break from the daily routine and enjoy the simple pleasure of drinking coffee.

It truly is a luxurious experience. There are no to-go cups. And no, you don’t order your coffee from the counter. Instead, a waiter brings you an elegant tray of treats: a small dessert (like lemon cookies or dulce de leche pastries), a glass of sparkling water to cleanse your palate, and — of course — a mug of some of the best coffee you’ll ever taste. (My favorite is the café con leche — espresso and creamy milk warmed to perfection.) Yes, it’s a small mug (no Grandes or Ventis here). But it’s not about size. It’s about savoring the rich aroma and taste of the drink in front of you. It’s about truly living in the moment and enjoying one of life’s simple pleasures — a quality cup of coffee.

Try this the next time you drink a cup of coffee:

Smell the aroma from the hot cup. Take in the soothing mocha color. Relish the rich flavor. Drinking your coffee mindfully will help you live in the moment, center yourself and find happiness in life’s simple pleasures.