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Kidnasium Products
Inspire your little ones to move, imagine, and connect! Kidnasium’s yoga, active balance, and active play collections promote physical activity, brainpower, and teamwork—no matter the setting.
Whether they are at school, doing at-home learning, or looking for ways to let their imagination fly, Kidnasium’s colorful toys and products can help your kiddos thrive.

Kidnasium Yoga Products

  • Invite your little yogi to flow alongside you with kid-sized yoga mats.
  • These fun and colorful designs will help your child explore different asanas and flows while keeping them safe thanks to their comfy, non-slip cushioning.
  • Stay active on the go: Strengthen your upper and lower body with versatile and portable resistance tubes. You will be able to tone targeted areas through various resistance levels and exercise options!
  • Browse these and many more items in Kidnasium Yoga.

Kidnasium Active Balance Products
  • Encourage your kid to practice a healthy posture with products that challenge their balance and keep them active!
  • Kidansium’s balance ball chairs, peanut balls, balance cushions, and stay-n-play balls make sitting extra special. These bouncy seats help strengthen their core, engage their mind, and improve their ability to focus.
  • Browse these and many more items in Kidnasium Active Balance.

Kidnasium Active Play Products
  • Spark creativity and build your child’s confidence with Kidnasium’s active play products.
  • Got tons of energy to spend? Let them bounce, bop, and exercise with kid-sized bop bags and stay-n-play balls.
  • Want to stimulate their social, fine, and gross motor skills, all at once? Try any of the 50 movements in the Gigglebox game, perfect for a play date or a family funtivity! Plus, you are guaranteed to get some giggles out of it!
  • Browse these and many more items in Kidnasium Active Play.

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Kids love to move, dream, and play. So why not give them the tools to support that journey? Venture into their first downward-facing dog, transform their seats, and foster their right to play. Whatever the activity they choose, Kidnasium can help your little ones have fun and stay active! Browse Kidnasium products available with GetACTV today!
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